Steve Dunn

Steve Dunn is CEO and cofounder of Digital Keys, a startup that delivers NB IoT smart access control solutions. Since its founding, Steve has led the startup through a number of different accelerators within Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe. He has also led the startup through several iterations and pivots with a variety of IoT technologies, to finally find product-market fit. Steve is also mentor and coach in university-based accelerators and incubators.

Blog Posts

The Journey from Wired to Wireless Access Control

Although we have been unlocking our car and garage doors wirelessly for the last 40 years they are not "fully" wireless systems. Why has the journey from wired to fully wireless systems been a long, winding, and bumpy road?

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Your Privacy and Data in Access Control

When we scan that little chequered QR box and enter our personal details, we can’t help but worry, “what about my privacy?”

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4 Things Smart Meters and Smart Access Have in Common

One such challenge the energy companies currently face is working out the best way to secure their smart meter assets.

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Has Digital Keys gone mainstream?

A check-in on the hotel digital keys global rollout.

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In-Store Shopping vs Access Control – ‘tis the season

Access control can affect shopping in many ways.

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