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Be humble, embrace positive skepticism, and soar above mediocrity.

The Generalist

Ilya Umanskiy

About The Generalist

The Generalist aims to help security (asset protection) practitioners look beyond niches, sylos, and egos and help expand their competence and credibility.  We challenge conventions, introduce ideas for continual improvement, and support our progression from trade to profession.

Ilya umanskiy (RAMCAP, MA)

Ilya has many grateful clients in multiple countries around the world. His work has touched a wide spectrum of resilience factors, including:

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments;
  • Risk management framework development;
  • Design and implementation of technological, physical and operational asset protection controls;
  • Incident management;
“Our Resilience practice has been established to help cut through the noise of information, inefficient legacy practices, and fragmented technology applications emphasis.”

Here are just a few of his past accomplishments:
  • Security redesign project lead for the UN HQ in New York City: access control, video surveillance, blast protection, information protection
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment for one of the world’s top international law firms. He found critical vulnerabilities in protection of information on leased desktop computers and in financial instruments.
  • Helped a sovereign wealth fund mitigate information protection vulnerabilities after several incidents
  • Enabled a high net-worth family with recommendations for better protection of their reputation, lifestyle, and residence.
  • Found shortcomings in protection of privacy, travel, and electronic security systems.
  • Advised a government agency on risk management for an upcoming transportation project
  • Helped remove a rogue executive and resolve a 3-day plant siege for a client in the manufacturing sector
  • Developed an intellectual property protection framework for a large multinational corporation
  • Helped Philippine government investigate causes of a fatal explosion at a large residential complex and improve the systems of prevention and incident response

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