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“The only way for an industry to evolve is by taking risks. When you take a risk you learn, and there is never a downside when it comes to a learning opportunity.”

Innovation Nation

Sarah Lawler-Muzquiz

Innovation Nation

A platform used to demystify disruptive technology and trends in the building technology, construction, and physical security space with the industry’s top thought leaders

Sarah Lawler-Muzquiz has been in the building technology industry for 5+ years with a background in Electrical and Mechanical systems. Lawler-Muzquiz started her career at Johnson Controls and held various positions within the sales organization. She spent most of her time in the Smart Building, Low-Voltage, and Connected Technologies space while at JCI. 

Sarah recently joined innovative technology startup Alcatraz where she leads Channel Development for the artificial intelligence-powered autonomous access control solution. She has a podcast called Innovation Nation where she brings industry thought leaders to the table to discuss disruptive trends and technologies within the building solutions and security spaces. Lawler-Muzquiz has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. In her free time, she enjoys fitness, outdoors, and travelling.

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