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Hashing Out the Supply Chain

Antoinette King & Vikas Bhatia

About Hashing Out the Supply Chain

Today, unless you’re a hermit and believe in subsistence living, you are at the mercy of the Supply Chain. Yet the Supply Chain is not bullet proof and anything from global pandemics, theft, Cyberattacks or even natural disasters can disrupt the supply chain. Whether you are a seasoned professional, new to the industry or just plain curious Hashing Out the Supply Chain is the place for you!This channel is the Brain Child of experienced Supply Chain Professionals (Soldiers) who’ve lived in the front lines! Their uncensored perspectives on supply chain risks will help you in your day to day lives, and may even put a smile on your faces! It's also the gateway to a welcoming community of veteran and Rookie Supply Chain Soldiers who support and help each other.

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