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GSD Fails

Tim Wenzel Jon Harris & Lee Oughton

About us

GSD Fails is a series of conversations to explore resiliency in the face of adversity.  We will talk with people who have fallen and have been transformed in some way by their experiences.


ContentFocus Areas

  • Security Industry Thought Leadership - Driving innovation and supporting the advancement of emerging Security industry issues and technology
  • Leadership Principles in Action -Articulating and demonstrating exemplary professional practices
  • Diversity in the workplace; Developing and executing inclusion and diversity initiatives, and supporting YP, WIS,inclusion, mentorship,and non-traditional talent pipeline
  • Beyond the Industry - Showcasing the human side of work through EQ, work-life balance, mentorship, motivation, and authenticity!

GSD Mission Statement:

GSD#GettingSecurityDone is Committed to Accelerating the Advancement of theSecurity Industry.

We are accomplishing this through the thought leadership of emerging industry leaders to re-focus the industry's conversation in a more relevant direction.

Our primary products are GSD Talks and GSD Fails. These are in addition to the public appearances, education sessions, and speaking engagements made by the#GSDcrew at conferences and virtual events.

GSD is also committed to social projects such as #TheKindnessGames, The Human Side of Security, etc; which lead the industry with positivity, acknowledge that we are all people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and support others within the industry.  This is a cause for celebration because it is the path to innovation and a positive impact on the world around us.

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The Generalist EP 19: Don't Ignore User Experience

In this episode of The Generalist, host Ilya Umanskiy is discussing the importance of a quality user experience.

The Inside with Larry Reed and Joe Fryd of ZKTeco USA

In this episode of #TheInside, Lee Odess catches up with Larry Reid and Joe Fryd of ZKTeco.

3 Guys Ep 5: What is Security Actually?

What exactly does #security mean to you? In this episode of #3GuysandaBall, the guys break down what security means to them and how the word can be very subjective.

Security IQ EP 32: Human Trafficking: How and Where it Really Happens

In this episode of #SecurityIQ, Min Kyriannis and Elisa Mula sit down with Jasmine Morales, an outreach and prevention education specialist at FAIR Girls.

The Inside with Curtis Hrncirik of SoloInsight

In this episode of The Inside, Lee Odess catches up with Curtis Hrncirik, Sr Director of Security Systems Architecture at Soloinsight Inc.

IMAC EP 28: Multifamily Internet

In this episode of IMAC, Lee and Colin sit down with Bryan Lonergan, Sales and Business Development Manager at Blue Rim Networks, a company that helps owners and managers of multi-unit real estate properties revolutionize their internet offerings.


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