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Security touches every aspect of the human experience, in sometimes subtle yet profound ways. We explore security from a strategic and interdisciplinary perspective.


Mike Gips

About GIPS

Global Insights in Professional Security is a nuanced yet rollicking look at the field and profession of security, particularly how security intersects with other disciplines and phenomena. Among others, those disciplines include law, business, media, geopolitics, economics, technology, leadership, and business continuity. The first podcasts have covered leadership (emotional intelligence), technology (artificial intelligence), media (inside the McMillion$ fraud and the HBO series that documented it), and IT/business continuity (security in a COVID world).

Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE

Attorney, journalist, security professional, association executive, researcher. Principal of GIPS, LLC. Creator of the CSO Center of ASIS International. Former Chief Global Knowledge & Learning Officer at ASIS, with responsibility for publishing, standards and guidelines, certification, content creation, learning, CSO Center. Most Influential People in Security (2019), Judge--IFSEC Influencers in Fire & Security (2020).

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